Care management of premature infants

Research any updates in the care management of premature infants in Science Direct or EBSCOHOST through the library (Dated 2018 and up). Summarize and make a reaction paper about it. (200-300 words). The articles mentions many methods essential for the care and management of premature infants.

Often premature babies are at risk of complications such as: heart, respiratory, cognitive problems, metabolism, blood, immune system, gastro-intestinal, and body temperature control problems. There are also complications that may cause premature birth, such as down syndrome and antiphospholipid syndrome. It is important that complications of pre and post-birth have the necessary care and precautions in place in order to ensure the healthy and happy life of both the infant and the family. All individuals who will come in contact with the mother and the baby must have sterile and clean hands. In order for early diagnosis and treatment for infant

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