Diversity is a descriptive characteristic of families

Diversity is a descriptive characteristic of families as much as it is for individuals, and it is important to recognize, understand, and consider when intervening with families.

In your main post be sure to address all of the following steps:

How has culture, race, socio-economic status, nationality, ethnicity, gender, and/or religion shaped your family life and your perceptions of what defines “family?”
How did reading the text chapter on Diversity impact your thinking and perceptions about the role/significance of culture (both social and family culture) in family life?
Did your own personal identity and family life either confirm or challenge common stereotypes associated with your culture and/or race, gender, socio-economic status, nationality, ethnicity, race, religion ? If so how?
How would you be aware of your perceptions and beliefs, when working with diverse families who are different from your family’s background?
What if the family views your differences compared to themselves, as too great and assumes you cannot understand them or their needs?

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