The Jungle-concepts of Capitalism and Socialism

Read The Jungle and discuss the following questions. Your discussion should be three (3) paragraphs and please be sure to reply to fellow students a minimum of three times.

Why did Sinclair write this book? What is its value in the context of social welfare history in the U.S.?
Which character jumped out at you/left the strongest impression? Why?
Given what you have read so far on early American life and poverty, and after reading this book, who do you think America is the “land of opportunity” for?
How does Sinclair describe a “ghetto?” Who resides in the “ghettos” in this book?
Place yourself in Jurgis’ and Marija’s shoes. Would you be disillusioned by life in America? Why/why not? Do you believe Jurgis and Marija lose their “moral” grounding? Is it justified? Why/why not?
Discuss your thoughts on the ending of the book and the concepts of Capitalism and Socialism.

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