Why did the Revolutions of 1848 fail

  • Each answer must be typed on its own individual page(s), with the question at the top of the page.  The answers must be in Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, double spaced and each answer must be at least one full page, it can me more.
  • Each answer must contain thoughtful analysis of the historical question and give details which demonstrate mastery of the topic question.
  • Each answer must contain examples and evidence to support statements/analysis given in response to the question.


  1. Why did the Revolutions of 1848 fail? How did that shape Europe leading up to World War I?
  2. Describe what aspects of the Treaty of Versailles ultimately led to war again in Europe by 1939.  What might they have done to prevent this?
  3. Compare the European Theater of World War 2 to the Pacific Theater.  What are some similarities between the two?  What are the differences?

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