Serial Killers-Role of the media in the White/Black disparity

In the spirit of democracy, we will vote on whether this assignment should be an individual or group work There is no doubt that crime affects communities in insurmountable ways. There are tangible and intangible cost attached to the effects of crime. One of the most under-explored topics in college classes is serial killing/killers. When you think about serial killers the names that immediately come to mind are Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer. The typical serial killer profile was shaped by the media and the FBI. However, there is a lack of visibility and awareness about black serial killers.

Objective: You will wear the hat as a ‘researcher’

Title: Serial Killers: Role of the media in the White/Black disparity

Tasks: You will produce a research paper

– What is the history of serial killing in the United States? (2-pages only)

– Discuss how the media shapes our perception about serial killing/killers (1page only)

– Produce a case study of three prolific white serial killers and three black serial killers (brief overview of the serial killer to include the killings, investigation and conviction, etc.)

Examine how the media (print and otherwise) report on them.


Record and display similarities and differences in language used to describe white and black serial killers in a table (3 pages)

– Produce a reference sheet APA (7th) (1 page).

– In examining the similarities and differences, do you agree or disagree with the statement that African American serial killers are over-represented yet under discussed. Explain why you take the position you do.

General guide:

– Spacing: 1.5

– Font: Times New Roman

– Cover sheet: Your name, Dr. Barnaby, course name, date and title

– Reference sheet is required\

– Intext citation and reference sheet must be completed following the APA (7th edition) formatting.

Complete Answer:

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