Practical Case Study-relevant developmental theories or principles

Practical Case Study

 Overview: For this paper, you will select an educational site, legislative policy/practice, or learning program as the target for this analysis. You will write a brief (3-4 page) case study that summarizes the overall structure or goals of the target, outlines relevant developmental theories or principles that currently inform the target, and provides research-based recommendations for how the target can better incorporate developmental psychology into its philosophy or action. For this assignment, you MUST select a real and active target, rather than a hypothetical one. For instance, you could use something like “The School District of Palm Beach County” or “official US policy on migrant children entering the country illegally (Links to an external site.)”.

In this case study, you should focus on providing recommendations to the target that are based on concepts learned in this course. You should use at least 2 peer-reviewed sources in your paper, and should also provide an overview of whatever theory or principle you’re using to inform your recommendations. You should treat the paper as a brief or synopsis that would be read by administrators at the target and as though you’ve been hired by this target to complete the case study.

Here’s an outline (and examples) you should use while preparing your presentation:

  1. Introduction to target – e.g., The school district of Palm Beach County serves X number of students and is one of the largest in the country, etc. It’s mission statement discusses X, Y, and Z, etc.
  2. Theories/principles that currently inform the target – PBC schools uses innovative educational practices, and follows Common Core standards for education. (You may not be able to find a developmental theory that informs their practice. If not, say so!)
  3. Recommendations/techniques (should be informed by peer-reviewed research) – PBC schools should use Piaget’s theory of cognitive development to inform curricula and milestone expectations. See sources A and B for more on how this has been investigated in research or implemented by similar organizations
  4. Summary of potential limitations or qualifications to the recommendations – This will take several years to implement and would require that all teachers have a strong background in developmental psychology. PBC schools should attempt to hire teachers who are committed to using Piaget’s principles to inform their teaching, etc.

Paper Format and Expectations: The entire case study should be 3-4 pages long. You will need to plan accordingly, and save room for relevant details. You must use proper APA style citations and references throughout the paper.

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