Pet cemeteries are silly and foolish

Please select from any ONE of the following questions below to answer.  Make sure you answer all components of the question you select.

  1. “Pet cemeteries are silly and foolish. We would be better off without them.” Offer your own opinion in responding to this statement. Explain your position and offer useful examples to support your answer.
  2. Suppose that the National Funeral Directors Association has asked for your advice in improving funerals. What would you suggest? Be clear, realistic, and specific.
  3. What larger lesson might we learn from the increase in spontaneous memorializations in the United States in recent years especially with the killings of members from marginalized groups?  Explain and provide examples.
  4. Looking into the future, with digital afterlives already allowing people to maintain contact with the dead through social media, would you prefer to imagine your own digital afterlife continuing online into perpetuity or not?  Discuss.

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Answer ALL components of the assignment listed above.   Your response should implement some of the concepts, theories, materials, etc. we have reviewed this week (bold and underline the concept only).  The assignment should reflect your knowledge of the subject matter and application of course material along with your thoughts and perspective on the subject matter. Make sure to use proper grammar and punctuation in this college-level course in all correspondence. The assignment deadline is 11:59 p.m. on Sunday. Your assignment should be a minimum of 300 words long and implement at least ONE SOURCE CITATION (from your text, supplemental material I’ve posted, or articles you’ve researched on your own).  Be sure to cite your sources in APA format and to include a reference page (the reference page will not count towards the 300-word minimum requirement). Refer to the Purdue OWL website for questions related to APA format (*note: this is the website I will be using all semester and the one I want you to follow for the class for APA citation format).  

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