Mansŏk in Land of Exile-Ŭnsu in Spirit on the Wind and P’ungil in One Left

  1. You have met three characters in the stories: Mansŏk in “Land of Exile,” Ŭnsu in “Spirit on the Wind” and P’ungil in One Left. These characters suffer from their respective war-time trauma alone without any communal assistance or involvement. From the theoretical literature on trauma you have read (Dori Laub and others) what do you think might have helped the characters in the end toward healing and what failed?
  2. Hun Joon Kim’s chapters report the truth-telling commission’s investigation of the Jesu 4.3 Event (1948) seeking transitional justice. In your opinion, what aspects of retributive justice and/or restorative justice –according to the theories of transitional justice you have read–might have been applied in the works of the commission? **Hyun Ki-young’s “Aunt Suni” was the first story ever written about the event some three decades post facto but two decades prior to the establishment of the commission.

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