cause and effects of the war on immigration for society

Submit a maximum 1-page, single-spaced proposal explaining what the focus of your final course paper will be.  You can choose to write an argumentative position paper or simply put together a literature review on a focused area of research relating to borders, immigration and/or human rights.  Whatever approach you decide to take will require a focused thesis statement or set of research questions that define the purpose of your paper.  Outline the details of your proposal for approval and feedback before beginning on the final paper.  Proposals should include reference to at least two of the course readings that you will use in your final paper (whether they are supportive sources or if the goal is to critique them).  Note that you aren’t restricted to the course readings when writing your final paper, and how you use readings will be entirely dependent upon your approach.

The thesis and research questions that should be proposed should be about the cause and effects of the war on immigration for society, the family, and law. Use the following two resources and more if needed.

  1. Objectives

Apply research methods to locate information on a given topic

Explain how search engines are used

Describe Internet research strategies

Identify strategies for evaluating resources

Describe different ways to document sources

Assignment Overview

This assignment allows the student to locate desired research information for their research paper in Assignment 2

(Links to an external site.)


A 200-word paragraph on what you learn about effective academic research, including challenges you face in locating sources or relevant information for your paper.

Follow MLA formatting to list your name, course name, and date on the top left of the first page and your last name and page number in the header on the top right of all pages (explore the Purdue OWL

(Links to an external site.)

website for examples and review the MLA checklist in Step 3).

Identifying information, page numbers, title, and ‘Works Cited’ page(s) are not included in the word count.

A bibliography with no fewer than 10 sources cited. Your assignment will be graded according to the Course Grading Rubric. Please reference this rubric when completing each assignment.


In no more than 200 words, discuss what you have learned about effective academic research. Include a list of challenges that you faced in locating sources for your paper.

Review the MLA checklist to make sure you have formatted your paper correctly.

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