basic concepts of systems theory (aka systems perspective)

Chapters 1-4 Be sure to address all of the following steps in your main post:

How do the basic concepts of systems theory (aka systems perspective) guide and help how you view families and the variety of forces, internal and external, that influence how family life proceeds? Did this model change your view of families and how they behave? How might your understanding a systems perspective affect how you might intervene and work with families?

Postmodern thinking suggests that “our map of reality” is constructed. In other words, what each person perceives and how each person interprets his/her experience is subject to many influences from biology to culture. How do you think this view impacts you and your work with families? What are the potential negative effects of this view?

What is the advantage of focusing on a family’s strengths? What advantages are there to acknowledging a family’s problems and vulnerabilities? Note: remember to share judiciously and be mindful of personal privacy and the privacy of others.

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