Anecdote-Nurse Life Week 4 Assignment

Anecdote-Nurse Life Week 4 Assignment:

In Week 4, we are focusing on the genres of Biography, Autobiography, and Memoir. Your assignment is to write a biographical or an autobiographical anecdote directly related to your career goals or as your lifestyle as a nurse. 1 Read: Nurse Nora at Nineteen and Chapter 6 Creating Anecdotes & Arguments Before you start writing your anecdote, read the short autobiographical memoir Nurse Nora at Nineteen and also read Chapter 6 from the book From Silence to Voice. Both of these reading assignments have been sent to you via email. All of these materials, the memoir, Chapter 6, and these assignment instructions will also be on Orbund in the assignment portal for Anecdote – Nurse Life.

2. When you read and review the concepts about writing anecdotes as a nurse in the Chapter 6 handout, please, pay close attention to the list on page 134, and in the pages following the section How to Construct Anecdotes about Your Work.

3. Apply the concepts in Chapter 6: I’ve created a list of questions based on the checklist on page 134: Before you write out your anecdote: Write a list of answers to the following questions and review your answers before you draft your anecdote: To be certain you paint the whole picture in your anecdote, jot down answers about what you remember: Who are the characters, all of the people in your story? รขโ€”โ€น What is your main idea, the reason you chose to share this story? Where did the event(s) of your story take place? When did the events of your story take place? Reflect and Conclude: How did what happened in your story change the way you think or feel about life as a nursing student or as a healthcare worker or about patients or coworkers ?How will you paint a picture? What people, actions or things can you describe in detail? Can you avoid using jargon? Are there any medical terms or acronyms in your story which you could replace with words any reader can understand?

What facts and/or statistics about life as a nurse or working in healthcare can you include in your story to support the point(s), the main message, or idea you are sharing in your anecdote? What details about yourself will you include in your anecdote to paint yourself into the picture and show the reader who you are?

4. Draft your anecdote! Write out a rough draft of the story you are telling as a nurse or a future nurse. Note: You’re not going to have to revise this anecdote. This is a pre-writing exercise to develop your literary writing voice and to focus your thoughts on autobiography and memoir. The draft you write will connect you to the persuasive power of your personal truth. Remember, this is a draft: Do not worry about pesky typos or spelling errors! Write, write, write, write, from your heart and mind!

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