Integration and systems functions-new healthcare information system

Imagine that you are a project manager with a large hospital. You are responsible for facilitating the selection of a new healthcare information system.

You are asked to preview the Epic EHR, Allscripts MyWay EMR, and Waiting Room Solutions demos. Explore all of the product modules and functions, such as the user-friendliness (interface and ease of use), patient search functionality, release of information and retrieval, record tracking, web-based standards, internet and intranet use, regulatory requirements, etc. Create a comparison table or matrix for the various functions.

In a 2-3 page paper, provide an assessment and explanation of how product features would or would not potentially support interoperability and basic integration standards. Provide a recommendation for a new healthcare information system based on your assessment of each product. Your paper should be in APA format. Submit the comparison table and paper. Resources Waiting Room Solutions. Go to youtube and search Waiting Room Solutions Demo to view this product.

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