Identify each federal crime committed by each|Two Pilot Friends

Two pilot friends are returning to their home in Kansas from a back country fishing trip to Montana in the airplane they own together. The weather has been marginal, and to avoid flying into a major cold front with extremely violent weather, they deviate from their planned route, landing at an unfamiliar airport. They decide to remain in the area overnight to allow the front to move on before continuing their flight.

Refueling the aircraft, then borrowing the airport courtesy car, they check into a local motel, get a good night’s sleep, awake early, check the weather and decide to depart immediately. Arriving at the airport at 6:00 am, the pair are unable to access their aircraft because the terminal building and security gates are locked. A sign on the door advises that the building will open at 9:30 am, a half hour before the arrival of the first scheduled regional airline flight of the day.

Unable to reach anyone connected with the airport by phone, and growing frustrated. One pilot suggests that they pull the car over next to the fence, where they might be able to stand on top of it, climb over the fence, and be on their way. They discuss that option, then agree to give it a try. One pilot pulls the car close beside the fence, then the other climbs on top, and tries several ways to get over the fence.

Finding it impossible to climb through the concertina coil of razor wire on top without risking injury, he reconsiders. Meanwhile, the driver rummages around in the trunk and finds an old blanket, which they double over and drape over the razor wire, then both use it to hop over the fence and head for their airplane.
Identify each federal crime committed by each of these individuals at each stage of this scenario, along with the possible penalties.

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