What was the first market research technique used and what were the results? (2 pts)

As one of your first contract actions, you are assigned a requirements package to purchase fitness for duty medical assessments (also known as return to work examinations) for active duty service members at Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, GA. The requirements package contains the purchase request, performance work statement, market research results, and Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE). Read all documents provided in the requirements package; then, answer the following questions.

There are three Contracting Officers in your office. Jane Green has an unlimited warrant; Kevin Mitchell has a warrant of $1,000,000; and Molly Johnson has a warrant of $250,000. Which one(s) of the three could sign the proposed award? [HINT: See FAR 1.602-1(a)] (2 pts)

1.   Explain how and why the estimated unit price of $2,125 for routine physical examinations was adjusted. (2 pts)

2.   What was the first market research technique used, and what were the results? (2 pts)

3.   What was the second market research technique used, and what were the results? (2 pts)

4.   Does the market research report support full and open competition or a small business set-aside competition? (2 pts)

5.   If the search for “fit for duty medical examinations South Georgia” had identified only large businesses, would that change the level of competition? If yes, how? (2 pts)

6.   Now that the commerciality and level of competition has been determined for the acquisition, what is the next step in your acquisition process? [KK1] requirement for synopsizing this proposed contract action? [HINT: See FAR 5.201] (2 pts)

[KK1]We tell the students where to go in the “hint,” so I don’t think rephrasing the question in this way gives anything else away, and I don’t think it’s appropriate to lead students to believe that the “next step” would logically be synopsizing. There are a bunch of acq planning things that could come next, so I think it’s better to specifically orient students to FAR subpart 5.2 without stating that it would be the “next step.” It’s really just another step in the Preaward process that we want them to answer a question about.

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