Hear from patients and families about their health care experiences

The purpose of this assignment is to identify different ways that you can hear from patients and families about their health care experiences, both positive and negative, and identify their needs across multiple health and life stages.

In this assignment, you are going to identify a specific area of health care and then research forums through which patient and family voices are shared. You will identify four resources, and for each one, you will describe the resource and its purpose, summarize your findings, identify trends, and share your insights. You will conclude the assignment with your overall observations and one recommendation that you would like to see yourself spearheading one day.

choose an area of health care to research, such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and so on.

2. In the accompanying template, complete the sections provided:

a. Area of health care you have chosen to research.

b. Resource (x4)

— Resource title, URL, and purpose

— Findings

— Trends

— Insights

c. Observations

d. Recommendation

Complete Answer:

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