Electronic Health Record system and a number of departmental systems

You are the Chief Information Officer of a local community hospital. The hospital has an Electronic Health Record system and a number of departmental systems, such as a Laboratory Information System. The hospital’s goals and objectives include increasing the availability of its services in patient’s homes, making results of laboratory tests and other studies available to the physicians on staff, and adding to its selection of services. Hospital leadership has decided to add Sleep Studies as a new service.

Explain how you would configure this service to be consistent with the hospital’s goals and objectives. What IT services would you need? For example, would you need a separate system that connects to the EHR? Would you need telemedicine software to connect to the patient’s home? What additional staffing would be required to implement this service? Specifically, how would this meet the hospital’s goals and objectives?

This paper should be 3-4 pages and follow current APA style guidelines. Support your answers with at least two peer-reviewed or scholarly sources beyond those used in this course.

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