Decision Making

There are numerous videos on group decision making available online. Some of them are very professional others seem somewhat amateurish or are designed for or by high school students.

Do a search on YouTube for videos on group decision making or on specific group decision-making

techniques discussed in the background materials. Choose a video you found to be very useful at

explaining the techniques in the references/background materials, and another video that you found to be amateurish or not very useful.

Post the links and share with your classmates. Also, share with your classmates what you found useful and not useful about each video, and whether or not you recommend your classmates view the video to prepare for their written assignments.

REFERENCES/Background Material:

-Anderson, D. R. (1990). Increased productivity via group decisionmaking. SuperVision, 51(9), 6.

-Braintools (2017). Brainstorming: Generating many radical, creative ideas.  Retrieved on 18 March 2017 from

-CDC (2017).  Gaining consensus among stakeholders through the nominal group technique.  Retrieved on 18 March 2018 from

-Haughey, D. (2017). Delphi technique: A step-by-step guide.  Retrieved on 18 March 2017 from

-Sims, R. R. (2002). Chapter 8: Decision making. Managing Organizational Behavior. Westport, CT, USA: Greenwood Press, pp. 205-210. Note – you don’t have to read the whole chapter, just the section on group decision-making

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