Recruitment Manager for SB Engineering Inc

You have recently been hired as the Recruitment Manager for SB Engineering Inc., a leading Canadian medium-sized software development company. The company’s product is human resource information system (HRIS). SB Engineering’s market is competitive and constantly changing with demands from consumers for newer features and upgrades. There continues to be an increased demand for efficient human resource and payroll systems.


As of September 2020, SB Engineering has 890 employees. The jobs within the company include:

  • software application engineers
  • product managers
  • account managers
  • technical support specialists
  • customer service specialists


The company’s employee base is comprised of:

  • 47% females
  • 2% disabled
  • 1% aboriginal
  • 15% visible minorities


SB Engineering’s current workforce is 47% female and 53% male. In the three other protected groups, the company workforce reflects less than 25% of the total employee base. Some employees have expressed concern about the lack of diversity in the organization.


Many of the employees were hired based on the results of a panel interview. Upon analysis, the reliability coefficient of this method is r = 0.61.  Other recruitment methods that are used to attract applicants include employee referral, social media (LinkedIn), and candidates collected through online job boards (e.g. Workopolis, Indeed).


The CEO recently stated that the company has some outdated job advertisements, but that the company has never had time to write proper job descriptions.  Furthermore, hiring managers have argued that job descriptions are of limited value because positions need to adapt to the relatively high degree of change in the industry which limits their flexibility in supervising employees’ tasks.  This has led to either ineffective or non-existent performance measurement standards.

Appendix II

Job Description for Senior HRIS System Analyst, SB Engineering Inc., Mississauga, ON

The Senior HRIS Systems Analyst serves a functional expert for HR Information Systems and related modules. Your expertise will help drive long term strategic direction, design requirements, features, functionality, and necessary enhancements. You will also be responsible for collaborating with internal resources and third-party vendors to implement effective employee solutions to support both strategic and ad hoc team needs. Working closely with the Human Resources team, you will also leverage both HRIS and your professional expertise to provide support and resolution to functional, technical, and data issues.


  • Serve as SME (subject matter expert) for existing and future HRIS modules globally including but not limited to; core HR, absence management, advanced benefits, time and labor, compensation workbench, incentive compensation, recruitment, performance management, learning management, HR reporting, employee and manager self-service tools.
  • Implement and support HRIS functionality in support of multi-national localization, regulatory, and legislative compliance.
  • Responsible for documentation on system configuration, functional business processes, user training and supporting technical documentation.
  • Identify business requirements and identify technical, procedural and functional gaps.
  • Collaborate with development team, systems team, administrators and consultants to provide in-depth technical and functional solutions and ensure development of efficient and sustainable application systems utilizing established standards, procedures, and methodologies.
  • Contribute to the creation and execution of project plans, project schedule, including defining activities, sequence, dependencies, work effort, and task duration.
  • Provide strong understanding with the ability to analyze and query application data schemas. – Document requirements, design and analyze a variety of reports or queries.


  • Demonstrated functional and technical knowledge of HRIS products with 5+ years of global implementation, support, and development/customization experience in Oracle HRIS modules.
  • Proven functional leadership in multiple implementations of at least three of the following Oracle HRIS modules; core HR, Advanced Benefits, Time and Labor, Absence Management, Compensation Workbench, Recruitment, Performance Management Incentive Compensation.
  • Skilled in leading HR process design related to the efficient use of Oracle HRIS applications.
  • Possess current knowledge of all Human Resources areas including employment law, federal/state laws, EEO, applicable statutes, Workers Compensation, Employee Leave, and other compliance issues in global environments.
  • Exposure to application administration functions and HR security module in a multi-org environment.
  • Exposure to AME configuration and Workflow administration.
  • Complete functional understanding of Fast Formulas and utilization in HRIS modules.
  • Proficient in the personalization of professional forms and OAF pages
  • Strong analytical, change management, task/project management and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to travel on a global basis is required and is estimated at 5-10% depending upon actual projects.


  • Strong technical understanding of the HRIS systems supported and the development framework for customizations.
  • Good knowledge and understanding of Standard Oracle EBSR12.1 APIs
  • Working knowledge of development tools such Developer 10.xx (reports and forms), and PL/SQL, BI Publisher / XML reports, JDeveloper and OAF
  • Strong knowledge of technical foundations of AME, Workflow 2.6+, WEB ADI
  • Write, maintain, support and analyze a variety of reports or queries utilizing appropriate reporting tools including Oracle Reporting, BI publisher, and pl/sql.
  • Knowledge of change management tools and processes, including source code control, versioning, defect tracking and release management.


QUESTION: Discuss two possible things that might go wrong in relation to Selection Decision-Making. Explain your answer.

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