5 Behavioral characteristics among Toddlers

Toddlers have behavioral characteristics that often present challenging situations for parents and/or caregivers.

Describe challenges parents and/or caregivers would encounter with these specific behavioral characteristics.

  • Temperament
  • Nutritional Barriers
  • Hygiene,
  • Activity
  • Sleep

Behavioral Characteristics Among Toddlers

According to, CDC Toddlers begin to move more and become more aware of their own bodies and their environment during the second year of development. Their urge to learn about and interact with new objects and people is also growing. Toddlers will demonstrate increasing independence during this stage, as well as starting to demonstrate defiant behavior, recognize themselves in photographs or in a mirror, and copy the behavior of others, particularly adults and older children. Aside from being able to identify the names of known people and items, toddlers should also be able to create short phrases or sentences and follow simple instructions and directions.

The period between the ages of two and three is an exciting one. Toddlers are beginning to recognize that they are distinct individuals from their parents and caregivers, and that they need to be treated as such. This means that they are motivated to establish themselves, to convey their likes and dislikes, and to act freely (to the extent that they are able to do so!). Toddlers are also acquiring the linguistic abilities that will allow them to communicate their thoughts, desires, and requirements.

Toddlers, on the other hand, do not comprehend logic and continue to struggle with patience and self-control. It boils down to this: children between the ages of two and three years old want what they want when they want it. The reason for this is that you may be hearing words like “no,” “me do it,” and “no diaper change!” more frequently than ever before.

Children are constantly changing in terms of their physical appearance, mental health, social development, emotional well-being, and spiritual well-being. Growing and developing organisms generally follow a predictable pattern. Parents and teachers who are aware of the characteristics that are common to different age groups will be better able to deal with their children’s behavior and teach them more effectively.

Some children develop more quickly or more slowly than others their age, depending on their genetic makeup. Depending on his or her age, a particular six-year-old may or may not exhibit the characteristics of either a five-year-old or a seven-year-old. It’s also important to remember that children may temporarily revert to younger behavior when they are experiencing emotional stress or tension.

The development of church lesson manuals has been done with the characteristics of children’s growth in mind. As you study and prepare each lesson, keep in mind how each component of the lesson can assist you in meeting the needs of the children.

Maintain patience, respect, love, and sensitivity toward each child, regardless of the age group to which you are assigned to teach. Children should not be expected to do more than they are capable of. For instance, Is quite active. Has a strong sense of balance, and is getting more coordinated. Can kick a ball, walk in a straight line, hop, skip, and march. Enjoys sketching, coloring, and participating in activities and games. Is learning to lace and tie shoes and button and zip garments.

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