What is the main criteria that Plato uses to divide society into groups


What is the main criteria that Plato uses to divide society into groups and determine who gets what? Is that Justice?

What are some criteria that determine who gets what in our society? Is our society more Just?

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Plato’s Main Criterion of Dividing People


University of the People

Dr. James


Plato’s main criterion of dividing people into groups and determining who gets what is based on an individual’s passion and interest in education. Through this criterion, he identifies the class of an individual by how they perform in the education sector. Using this criterion is just because it is only through education that we can build the future of the next generations. This future holds its grounds as guardians; thus, selecting a guardian leader will be indispensable in promoting education rather than choosing a famous individual.

In our modern society, the criteria of who gets what is centered on the fiscal stability of a person, how much money the individual possesses, and what they can offer to society. Individuals are grouped based on the economic classes their children can inherit in society. The individuals are given leadership roles because they have unlimited money sources, not because they command the intellectual reasoning capabilities required to lead the society. Since they have resources, they can buy freedom and the individuals in the society the way they wish. Our society is not just as this grouping criterion does not favor the individuals belonging to the lower class in the community.


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