Case-Mero Computers

The Vice President of Mero Computers has recently read about the demand for computer accessories in overseas markets. The organization has a marketing manager with extensive international sales experience, who currently heads up an international sales division that has ambitious targets for new sales.

The Finance Manager in the organization has established a generous budget for new international trade initiatives. The production department has a plan to accommodate sales growth, which involves hiring a third shift to meet the demand for extra orders. Mero Computers currently exports its computer parts line internationally, to a market similar to the one identified by the Vice President for this new venture. The organization has identified its very successful line of ergonomic computer mice as the product it wishes to export.

Although computer mice are quite common in the targeted region, Mero Computers’ product is unique in that it has wonmultiple awards for its ergonomic properties. Mero Computers has started to investigate whether the product will need to be adapted for the new market. It hassupport from the production department, which is open to the changes if they will drive competitiveness.

Based on the above case, in terms of its own internal readiness, is Mero Computers ready to export its product to the new international market? Why or why not? Provide a rationale for your assessment in detail


Mero computer may be well equipped in terms of financial ability to fund the growth and expansion into the global market. They can hire highly experienced and competent personnel to manage the expansion but they have failed to put into consideration a major factor while entering a new market which is the customer. Ideally, the potential market may have similar features as the existing ones but still recognizing customers in terms of their behavior on the basis of environment, culture and needs will be more useful to position their ergonomic product in the potential market.

Mero-computers needs more marketing research in terms of customer analysis through the use of the wheel consumer analysis to analyze the major aspects which are affect and cognition, consumer environment and consumer behavior. The wheel consumer analysis is an effective consumer analysis tool which enables formation of a marketing strategy after putting the consumer in consideration. Once the three aspects are given a general outlook, the consumer mindset is observed and the marketing strategy is made.

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