Jim is mad at Sam for stealing his girlfriend, Sue

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Jim and Sam Case

Jim is mad at Sam for stealing his girlfriend, Sue. Jim tells Sam he will get even and threatens to run him over one day. Two months later, Sam is walking to Sue’s house one evening. Jim is driving his car home from the gym. Jim gets nostalgic and decides to drive by Sue’s house, hoping she will be out on her porch where they used to sit for hours. As Jim nears Sue’s house, Jim sees Sam crossing the street about 40 yards down the road.

He decides now is the time to run Sam over. But, as he looks at Sue’s house he sees Sue is out on her porch and begins to tear up and even forgets about Sam. Jim hits and kills Sam as he comes out of his daydream. Because Sue heard Jim threaten to “run Sam over,” two months ago, the police charge Jim with murdering Sam.

Define the following terms: Actus Reus, Mens Rea, concurrence, and motive. As Jim’s defense attorney discuss how you will tell Jim why you think he is or is not guilty or guilty.

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