Jamie has taken over as new Controller of Pluto Enterprises Inc

Pluto Enterprises Inc

Jamie has taken over as new Controller of Pluto Enterprises Inc, a revolutionary education and entertainment business in BC. The company’s Despite not having a strong accounting background, Jamie is looking to looking to lead the way in making some long overdue changes to the organization. He has been with Pluto for almost three years, so he has some ideas on how to improve processes.


Jamie’s direct supervisor, Sosha, also doesn’t have an accounting background. When the previous CFO retired suddenly last month, Sosha was immediately promoted to the Chief Financial Officer role. She, in turn, promoted Jamie, who had been in the finance department and had helped her with a few projects, to Controller. The Controller role was a new one created by Sosha to help deal with the company’s growing accounting demands.


Since Sosha had worked as an administrative assistant to the previous CFO for five years, Jamie had assumed she was fit to take over, but he is wondering if perhaps the company is lacking accounting expertise/leadership. Seeing how the only other accounting employee in Pluto is Jenna, an Accounting Assistant working under him, Jamie wonders if an external candidate would be better suited for his Controller role.


Here are Pluto’s income statements over the past three years:


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