Assignment 1: Resume and Commonly Asked Questions

Assignment 1: Resume and Commonly Asked Questions

Part 1

Student’s name

Institutional affiliation




Cover letter

Employer’s Name

Home construction Company


City, State, Zip


I have been managing home construction projects for the last seven years. Through the management, I have been able to realize that every single project requires consistent budgeting and time management. However, I have also realized that meeting the criteria of the project is not only the aim of a quality home construction project. A well-managed project should meet and exceed the needs of the customers. This means that the completion of the project should exceed the criteria of time and budget and meet the expectations of the customers regarding service and quality. My professional contributions and creeds include the following. I have pride in quality and willingness in my work to perform the work personally regarding removing the menial task and getting the job well done.

My records can prove my success in quality completion and time management in almost 70+ new homes that I have been able to build in the cities of Rolling Hills, Edgemoor, and Sunnyside neighborhoods. I can envision how the different parts of the house should look like and the flow in the completion of the project.  I have been able to communicate the ideas to the designers, architects and upper management that have been able to offer positive results in the completion of the projects. I am expertise in collaboration and blueprint assessment with architects in my entire course of a job to be able to point out the oversights that will increase the consumption of the client’s money and time.

I possess skills in building lasting relationships with homeowners that have frequently asked for project advice. I also possess skills in excellent motivation, guiding, mentoring and guiding other carpenters. Base on my experience and skills in a strong commitment to my craft, I am sure that I can add value to your time in the management of home projects as the construction manager. I, therefore, look forward to discussing and revealing my experiences to the company and am available for any consultations and personal interviews.

Thank you for your consideration and time



FirstName Last Name


Resume letter

Employer’s Name

Home construction Company


City, State, Zip


Summary of the Qualification

Extensive experience in construction management, dev elopement, research, mentoring, leadership, problem-solving and test. My management forte in the home construction projects. I am an expert at managing the home construction projects with quality delivery and timely solutions. I have been able to save the clients time and money in most of my projects. I am a self-motivated profession and capable of individual or teamwork responsibilities. Over the last eight years, I have been able to advance from my initial role from a general laborer to a supervisor in the XYZ residential construction. One of my supervisors in one of the companies I have worked with in the past can assert to my attention in quality and detail cost consciousness and readiness to assume the responsibilities and duties of a construction manager. A natural leader who can inspire maximum work site productivity through strategic team building and open communications and ensure proactive problem solving and needs assessments.



Professional experience

I have an eight years’ experience in home construction and management, with proven ability to ensure that the task is well performed and interpretation of the blueprint on time and under budget. I have recently completed my B.S from Hometown college in construction management. I have a proven ability to collaborate and relate with the subcontractors to keep all the projects in the right schedule and ensure that all the projects have been completed at the right time without much consumption of the clients’ money and time. I have strong leadership skills that have motivated constructive dialogue through personal dedication and ensuring that members are fully motivated to uncompromised work ethics.


Hometown college; Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

Daylight University: B.S in project management

Construction skills

Project management, construction management, scheduling, quality control, labor relations, contracting, estimating, blueprints, punch lists, time management, building site supervision, estimating material, costing and renovations.

Key projects

-Two river shopping mall-successfully streamlined construction process and design to ensure timely execution

-Sunnyside Acres-led the designing of project teams

-Homestyle living-Rendered blueprint for 70-unit assisted living facility

Thank you for your consideration and time



FirstName Last Name

Part 2

Activity prepared by Private Industry Council of Lehigh Valley, Inc., Allentown, Pa

My short-term goals involve finding a position that will put me in a moving company and get employed as a construction manager in the construction companies’ to execute my skills and improve in the industry through learning new sets of skills and gaining more experience in team building and leadership. I am aiming at growing with a company that will contribute to learning more and additional responsibilities facilitate future projections and solid performance.  I love that company that I will be able to add value and emphasize on professional development. Once again, I would also like to move from my technical position to a management level where I will be able to focus on the application of my technical and management skills in the company.

I would say that my career path is in such a way that both of us serve each other.  I’m looking forward to growing and become more productive to contribute more than I am today in my role. In five years’ time, I want to have completed a master in construction management. I have read about its advantage and realized that I would be able to focus more on management skills that will enhance quality project management. So over the next five years, I see myself getting involved in the completion of complex assignment and projects by the ability of the position. I plan on enhancing my skills to continue getting involved the professional associations. Therefore, this will facilitate getting in a position that will fit my profession and benefit me professionally regarding personal satisfaction, development of skills and an opportunity to learn more about this skill.

In the position of management, I can state that every time I will be responsible for the supervision, development, and training of other employees. In this case, I will use my skills in the profession to improve the home construction projects. These include skills in contracting, estimation, evaluation of materials, construction management skills, project management skills, building site supervision, team building, motivating the employees, time management, advising the workers on technical skills and ensuring that I am accountable in everything related to the project for a quality delivery.

I’ve always wanted to work for a construction company as a construction manager to execute my skills in the profession. I am very interested in the management of constructions and feel that my efforts in pursuing a degree in the profession and my enthusiasm for learning more and developing my skills has promoted my ability in the job. I have learned management skills to enhance my capabilities hence the success in my qualifications.


In my opinion, leadership is the most important characteristic of a construct manager. Management will require some leadership skills to be able to organize, plan and implement the plans. Leadership is required in the motivation of the workforce and also training them to develop their skills and motivate them to enhance quality productivity.


In the years of experience in different projects, I have realized that there is something that requires a creative fix in every project. This, therefore, means that the manager needs to be resourceful to solve problems through bringing a creative solution that will contribute positively to the project.


It is important to share your ideas with other and allow ideas from others. In this case, effective communication will allow open sharing of ideas that will enhance evaluation of the best decision.  Communication reveals respect for everyone hence ultimately leading to the success of the project through clear communication and respectfulness.

My real strength is attention to timely and quality projects. Am well organized, have good interpersonal skills, ability to plan and prioritize. I can share my ideas with other and also share similar characteristics with successful managers in the companies. I listen to others, share my ideas with them and also possess multitasking capabilities through huge work volumes.  I posse’s technical skills that have enabled me to have a clear understanding of the project hence can contribute to more than management skills with the expectations of the project. Therefore, possessing the strengths makes me feel that I have more potential in ensuring that as a manager I can solve real problems and avoid time wastage hence time consciousness that will enable implementation of more projects. I am therefore in a position to reach more capabilities than others in managing home projects.

Everyone has strengths and weakness in management skills. My weaknesses are that I am such a sensitive person and get disappointed so fast when things go wrong. Am also weak at helping  people that are less effective in the management. I am unable to cope with failures ad unorganized individuals that will consume more time.

I earned an achievement award in construction safety excellence award that was being awarded annually in ABC residential construction. I have completed my B.S in construction management. I have also proven ability to interpret blueprints and time consciousness. I was also awarded the top performing employee with professional skills in the technical position.

I am very determined, self-motivated and honest. Additionally, I love the things am involved and show full commitment and responsibilities. I have been in the technical skills for almost five years. I have strong communications skills that have proven background success I the relationships with customers. I am proud of my self in the timely and quality completion of tasks. One of the reasons that I enjoy the construction management and the challenges that go along with the career is that am able to relate with people and get varying perceptions and ideas that develop and grow my mind. What am concern with now is getting employment in a company that has vale to their customer in terms of service and quality I can be part of and join in the management of a team that will have positive impact on sales and customer relations

I want to work for this company because I guess smart, hardworking, committed and willing to do whatever am requested for the benefit of the company and improved customer relations. I want to be part of this company to enhance my skills and learn more to get new skills that will also benefit the company.

I confirm that my supervisor will attest to my attention to quality, detail, readiness to assume duties and responsibilities, cost consciousness and ability to lead others as construction manager. I am sure of a positive comment from my previous employer.

I am used to overtime work and am looking forward to working overtime to enable boost the productivity and quality of the company. I am okay with occasional assistance during overtime.

Getting employed in the company will be the beginning of a lasting relationship with the company. This is because am interested in the company developments and is a big platform for building my career. I will work with the company as long as it is willing to get my service.

I posse’s knowledge, abilities, and qualifications that will benefit the organization. Having pursued a bachelor’s degree in construction management, having technical skills, an eight-year experience it will be a great addition and fit the company.

Define the following:

  1. Cooperation

An instance or act of working together for a common goal, purpose or benefit.

  1. Responsibility

The state of being accountable and taking decisions without authorization

  1. Challenging

Arousing a competitive thought or action hence is something new that requires effort and determination




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