Business Assignment Help|Assess the Organization’s Culture at the time of your experience at Hendrick Health

Organization’s culture

Purpose of Assessment

 Assess an organization’s culture to improve alignment between the culture, mission, vision, values, and strategies. You will be measured on how you assess the organization’s culture as well as how your proposed decisions for improvements align to the organization’s mission, vision, values, and strategies.


Read the instructions for the assignment carefully and ensure you answer all the questions in your work



  1. Paragraph 1: Introduction
  1. Paragraph 2: Assess the current culture within the organization at the time of your experience at Hendrick Health
  2. Develop the Change Management Plan using Kotter’s 8-Step model. (Separate paragraphs for a-d)
    1. Paragraph 3: Steps 1 and 2 (Initiate)
    2. Paragraph 4: Step 3 (Plan)
    3. Paragraph 5: Step 4, 5, 6, 7 (Manage)
    4. Paragraph 6: Step 8 (Reinforce)
  3. Paragraph 8: Determine the desired outcome as a result of the proposed change.
  4. Paragraph 9 or 9-10: Analyze the alignment between the organizations, mission, vision, values, strategies, and the proposed Change Management Plan
  5. Paragraph 10 or 11: Conclusion
  6. References: APA format, must cite at least 3 peer-reviewed scholarly articles


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