Develop a WBS

Develop a WBS

Projects that are not well designed can run over cost and/or time, a situation called scope creep. Scope creep can occur due to many factors, including the cost of materials increasing from an original quote, labor taking more time than estimated, or an element being added that is considered an improvement or left out of the original plan. Assume you were recently hired as a Project Manager by the Government of Canada to develop a large eco-friendly amusement park in Toronto. The project failed to stay within time or cost estimates, and you believe it is because you failed to develop a Work Breakdown Statement (WBS). You were granted an additional $4M and one additional year to complete the project.

1.   Develop a WBS to reflect the scope of this project, showing the dependencies of the activities.

2.   Apart from preventing scope creep, what are some of the other benefits from having a WBS?

3.   You realize you will also need a Schedule Management Plan. Describe what is a Schedule Management Plan and state why it is necessary to have such a plan.

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