Select an NFP organization or government agency

NFP organization or government agency

Select an NFP organization or government agency that deals with a relatively narrow and specific set of health care issues, whether through service delivery, consumer advocacy, education/promotion, financing, or regulation. Look for an entity for which there is abundant information about the nature of its operations.

Define a set of strategic performance measures for the entity.

These should be metrics that are as objective and measurable as possible. It is preferable that they be quantitative, but do not try to quantify something that is truly subjective. By tracking these measures, the organization or agency should be able to determine whether it is making progress toward achievement of its strategic mission. If it helps, imagine that you are the head of the entity and will be using these metrics to determine how well you are doing and to persuade your funding sources to continue supporting your work.

6-8 pages, APA format (6 references)


In addition to your paper, please prepare a professional PowerPoint presentation summarizing your findings for paper. The presentation will consist of your major findings, analysis, and recommendations in a concise presentation of 15 slides (minimum). You should use content from your paper as material for your PowerPoint presentation. In addition, you should include learning outcomes from all your previous paper (To be discussed and see below findings). An agenda, executive summary, and references slides should also be included.  Presentations should not exceed 15 minutes.

Findings from previous paper:

Findings and conclusions from the previous papers (Please add this to the presentation format)

(From the past papers, it has been found that various states in the United States have managed to engage in what is regarded as Covered California, and it is a practice where the residents have been provided with health care insurance. It is a practice to make sure that the residents of California can acquire medical care and attention at affordable and reduced costs. The other information that has been learned is that of operations of the system and has defined by Scheffler et al., in 2015, it entails creating its marketplace for health care, and this has been done under the Affordable Care Act. Therefore, health care institutions have to operate in collaboration with the patients as opposed to working individually, as mentioned by Richardson in 2020 under the concept of system dynamics. Based on the above findings, an essential conclusion may be drawn, and it entails the selection of Mayo clinic as an NFP institution dealing with a set of health care problems by the provision of services to its people. The set of measures for measuring the strategic performance includes the satisfaction of the consumers of the services as well as looking at how the outcomes of the patients or health care service consumers have been improved/enhanced. As the head of this entity, I would persuade the sources of funding by telling them that little has been attained and more would be achieved if resources were available.)


Please effectively communicate how you would lead an organization (or a group of people within the organization) by applying the knowledge you have learned ethically and responsibly.  Your discussion should also include innovative thinking, and information-technology aspects (such as the Internet, social-media, computers, and so forth) that may assist you in decision-making. You may frame your discussion around any functional component of business, and in any context; problem-solving, management, leadership, organizational behavior, and so forth. (1page APA format)

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