Guest Report|Don Weiss

Guest Report: Don Weiss

The lecture topic was on communicating public policies. This lecture has been offered by Don Weiss from the Village of Addison. Mr. Don Weiss conducted a lecture on communicating public policies to the community and the importance of ensuring that they are informed for the benefits of development and continuity of success. His accumulated knowledge and experience are formidable. His ideas are special and sometimes one cannot disagree with any single point that he has given. Don Weiss is the director of community relations employed by the Village of Addison. His job is to check what Addison is doing to in terms of events and message working with the public relations department to ensure that they are effective.

Don Weiss is talking about what they do in Addison when it comes to all the important Communicating public policy issues such as new development projects, emergency services and other services and how they are set out and communicated to the society. The main aim of Addison according to the Don Weiss is to have a local presence in the community. The guest attested that the interpretive approaches for policy analysis have introduced a number of questions on how polices are communicated to a number of people within the society. He states that the work of Village of Addison is to ensure that people understand the effectively the public polices and their importance to the people. Creating awareness to the people promotes effective communication management (Grunig, 2013).

There are a number of videos that have been recorded about the village of Addison and what Don Weiss is doing as the director of Addison for the programs. Don Weiss shows a number of videos that are important in Addison since they show things that have happened in Addison are happening and might continue happening in Addison for quite a long time. The main aim of the video was to educate the viewers on how to get the community better informed in different sectors within the Village of Addison. Ideally this is the main aim of communicating public policy to the community. Communicating public policy to the community entails offering essential information to educate and create awareness about what is happening within their surroundings (Dunn, 2015). Don Weiss states that these videos have been produced to run till infinity to ensure that people stay informed about what is happening in their surroundings. This means showing people the inside of them that they might not be knowing.

According to Don Weiss the more a citizen of a community is aware of themselves and about what is going on around them either in a school, in a village or a county level, the more likely will they support what is going on and also offer essential information and guidance. This means education and communicating to the community to increase awareness. Don Weiss argues that the worst thing is allowing people to talk about things that they have no fill information about thus spreading information that is not true. The right thing to do is to get people out there and ensure that they spread the right information to the people as a way of creating awareness and spreading the right information.

Don Weiss states it is important to keep the dialogue and information going to ensure that it is spread. He also answered questions such as how they have been able to prevent bureaucracy within their operations and impact of technology such as Addison mobile technology. Additionally, he states that spreading of information is important in communicating public policy within the society. This is because it promotes a better living and development (Coleman and Blumler, 2009). During the session, Mr. Don Weiss has been able to communicate the importance of Village of Addison in protecting human rights through communicating of public policy.


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