Inventory Management at Crayola

Read the  Case study in Chapter 9 (page 374) titled “laInventory Management at Crayo.” Then discuss the following questions :

  1. Consider the pressures for small vs. large inventories. Which situation does Crayola seem to fit, and why?
  2. Explain how both independent and dependent demand items are present at Crayola.
  3. The Marker Maker product recently experienced an unexpected surge in demand and the supply chain’s agility was credited with helping to meet the crisis. We have discussed four ways to classify operational inventories by how they are created. Regarding the ways managers can use these inventories to satisfy demand, explain how Crayola can achieve the flexibility to adjust to unexpected demand surges.

Case Study : Operations Management Processes and Supply Chains, Global Edition.

Discussion 6.1:View the video “Supply Chain Inventory Management at Crayola” . Using the Crayola example, explain why process-level and supplier-level considerations are important in the development of effective inventory management. Specifically, respond to the following questions:

What impacts do process and supplier levels have on supply chain management and operations costs?

How does inventory management relate to implementation of the just-in-time (JIT)strategy and lean systems?

How might these inventory management control methods benefit the company you are researching for the final project?

In responding to this prompt, strive to incorporate your accumulated knowledge from previous modules, as this will help substantiate your response.

Engage classmates in making connections between various inventory management strategies and previous course concepts

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