Project on Criminal Minds

See Attachment!

Remember your project should include the following:

  • A “criminal minds” individual will be your “patient” from the list below for your project.
  • A brief history of the patient including diagnoses (documented or your thoughts if no diagnosis is recorded) and medications (if applicable). Not a lot of gory details about their crimes.
  • Any substance abuse, addiction or violence issues surrounding this mental health problem.
  • List appropriate nursing interventions for your chosen patient. Include sources for evidence-based practice. What might have made the difference between functional mental illness to the progression to criminal behavior.
  • Include 3 relevant Nursing Diagnoses for your patient.

Richard Speck

Aileen Wournos

Jeffrey Dahmer

John Wayne Gacey

H. H. Holmes

Ted Bundy

Jim Jones

Charles Cullen

Earl Nelson

Charles Manson

Genene Jones

Richart T. Chase

Ed Giehn

BTK Dennis Rader

R. Kuklinski

DC Sniper

Bob Yates

Albert Fish

Grim Sleeper

Son of Sam

Columbine Killers


Harpe Brothers

Menendez Bros

Michael Swango

Kristen Gilbert

Henry Lee Lucas

Ottis Toole

Gary Heidnik

Edmund Kemper

Valerie Solanas

Mark Chapman

Rodney Alcala

Charles Sobhraj

John Wayne Wilson

Craig List Killers

Jack the Ripper

Nannie Doss

John Wilkes Booth

Darren Deon Vann

Gary Ridgway

Lucrezia Borgia

Adam Lanza

Rostov Ripper

Richard Beasley

Lisa Montgomery

Miranda Barbour

Amy Bishop

Marie Besnard

Patrick Sherrill

  • The paper should use APA formatting and be at least 3 pages

Scoring Rubric:

Criteria Points
Describes the patient that is the subject of the project including diagnoses, medications, and history OR describes the community, its strengths and problems and the mental health issue that will be the subject of the paper. 4
Includes any substance abuse or violence issues for the patient or community 2
Discusses attempted interventions, what has been successful and what has not. 4
Describes own personal thoughts about the patient’s or community’s mental health issues. 4
Describes any cognitive concerns and possible interventions. 2
Writes a nursing care plan including three priority nursing diagnoses with r/t and AEB factors. 4
Includes outcomes in NOC language and interventions in NIC language with a plan for evaluation. 4
Identifies mental health resources that can be used with the patient or community. Includes an educational tool. 4
Supports answers using academic resources, with citations in APA format. 2
Total 30


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