Journal/Overview -The journal document should be 3-4 pages in length. No citations are required, and no specific formatting is needed. Utilize appropriate grammar and mechanics of writing.

Refer to the journal submission you completed in Unit 1 and reflect on the following:

Topic: The use of pharmacology in advanced practice.

  1. How has your knowledge of pharmacology changed?
  2. Do you find yourself thinking about medication use in your current employment differently? Why or why not?
  3. Explain how your appreciation of the advanced practice role changed or did not change?

How do you envision using the knowledge from this course in your future advanced practice role?












Student’s name: Yuliet Hernandez







How do you envision this course adding to your knowledge of pharmacology?

I believe the course has played a crucial role in improving my knowledge and skills especially in the attempt to capture and understand the moral and ethical responsibilities, understanding the legal aspect of the courses or the field, and also being able to prescribe pharmaceuticals. It is good to study to a higher level to be able to be effective and competent in the field. As a learner, I would also wish to get more information and other concepts in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. It is possible that the course will assist me to fully understand and be aware of the medicines that are emerging and other upcoming biologic trends that are being witnessed. The federal and state prescription laws and concepts can also be understood via the course. It can be a very new concept to me but it is essential when it is taught, the specific roles of an experienced nurser must also be understood by the course. They make good use of the experience as part of the training and other practical.  Studies have been found which go hand in hand with the clinical experience that is vital in ensuring that the patients are in a better position to receive the very best care. There is also the sue if the evidence-based program in nursing in their practicing which give more recommendable and positive patient outcomes, some of the results may be decreased visits to the hospital, better care, and controlled cost. The field of nursing calls for specialization in various fields. The specialty and specialization can be witnessed by the nurses intersecting with some knowledge and the care given to the patients from another specialty or field. there is a need to have the extension in the advanced nursing practitioner to be capable of offering support to the position autonomy and other development which can be theoretical and others related to the practice.


How do you think you will use knowledge of pharmacology differently as an advanced practice nurse then you do as an RN?

The pharmacology knowledge is known to hugely offered from the use of the the advanced nursing practice, am supposed to prescribe drugs after analyzing and making use of some essential factors. There are factors that play important roles in influencing decision-making in pharmacology and they include metabolism, bioavailability, the therapeutic index, and elimination. It is also crucial to be aware of the existing laws that are in place.  Specific side effects must be understood under the RN, the reaction, and other interactions.  The RN is not responsible for the drug’s knowledge and the way the drug works and the experienced nurse practitioner is responsible for tracking the patient reaction, drug modification, and titrating .it is also good to understand the body reaction to drugs. An experienced practitioner can be involved in attempts to help the physician with the patient’s diagnosis and other treatment disorders the relationship that exists between the body reaction and the drugs can be described effectively via pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. It is through pharmacokinetics that somebody activities like distribution, excretion, absorption, and metabolism can be described and be understood.

What are the expectations of your advanced practice role, specifically as a prescriber?

Since am a  prescriber, I prefer to have standards held high. It can be intriguing and very overwhelming to prescribe drugs or medication. As an advanced nurse practitioner, I can comfortably recommend the best drug for a particular is my pleasure to record no unwanted results. There is a  need to be familiar with pharmacodynamics and drugs. It is my role or duty to monitor the patient’s response to drugs, avoid reaction with drugs, and identification, if the right kind of drug to use patient .research, has to continue und pharmacology in my role as an advanced nurse.  There is also a need to be aware of the legal, technical, and other moral requirements meant for the prescription of drugs. Legal consequences must be taken into account for mistakes done even though it might be a trivial description of the effects may be a reason an individual may fail to disclose the drug errors. promoting and directing some clinical practice standards is an essential role, there is the provision of the right and correct tool meant for assessment. These tools and instruments make sit essential for a nurse to self-evaluate  and makes him a better  and more skilled staffer, it is possible to use them for  supervision purposes  and also in the management

What do you think the role of standards of care is in the prescribing process?

I think the nursing practice can be used to describe competence in the nursing profession.  The practice is used in gauging the levels of practice against the performance. By standardization, the competence of the burses can be assured and be measured. The standards can be defined and be standardized to ensure there is uniformity. The standards can be used to gauge and come up with the therapeutic goals and also determine them. The language can also be standardized to make sure that the patients can read and understand the purpose of the reason for taking medication and make a wise decision.


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