Select an organization from one of the two leadership interviews (from Capstone 1) to conduct your strategic case analysis. If desired, you can select a totally different organization that you have never examined or studied.

Research, analyze and evaluate the organization as necessary in order to develop and offer recommendations for improvement.  Remember that you are being asked to view the organization as though you are serving as its consultant.

Once your research is complete, begin writing the paper:

An overview of the organization- its origin, purpose and history.  Any other significant facts that will be foundational to the recommendations can be included as well. Cite all data used.   Maximum two pages.

A summary of the organizational strategy.  How is the organization structured?  How will that structure change over the coming years?  What challenges exist with the current organization structure?  Maximum two pages.

Propose four different recommendations around organizational structure, health or strategy.  Each of the recommendations should be specific in nature, detailed in terms of implementation and be supported by a concepts or theories you studied in the ORGL program.  Examples of the course material include Data Driven Decision Making, Change Management, Ethics, and Process Improvement.  External references are needed as well for support.  Label each recommendation as “Recommendation One, Two….”   Each recommendation should require a MINIMUM of TWO PAGES.  This portion of the paper is where you make your grade so follow directions carefully.

Include a SWOT analysis grid only in the appendix of the paper.  The body of the paper should be written in paragraphs only.  Place any charts, graphs or other data in the appendix with the SWOT grid.

Six references minimum are required for the paper.  Most superior papers have significantly more.

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