Climate Disaster

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Write a book review for “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” using this guide: (Links to an external site.)

As stated in the guide, a book review should provide a commentary and not simply a summary of the content. Your book review should have introduction, summary, analysis, and conclusion sections.


Grading Rubric:

Assessment Criteria Requirements Percentage of Grade
Good Content and Analysis Title 2.5
Introduction includes title, author, and main theme 5
Introduction includes details about the author 2.5
Introduction includes context of your review 2.5
Introduction includes the thesis of the book 5
Introduction includes your thesis about the book (what is your main argument about the book) 5
Summary section provides a succint summary of the book 15
Analysis supports the thesis statement. Includes at least two paregraphs that each discuss single aspects of your thesis statement. 20
Analysis discusses the relevance of ESEM principles in the book 15
Conclusion restates your thesis sentence and summarizes pulls from the analysis section to demonstrate the importance of your ideas 10
Good Technical Compliance with Requirements Between 700 and 850 words with 1.5 line spacing 10
Proper Grammar 20
and Spelling
1.5 Spacing 2.5



Complete Answer:

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