Art Appreciation

This week you will  begin working on your Art Appreciation Project by selecting your topic  and creating an outline. Please see the Course Project Overview for a  comprehensive view of the entire project, which also includes an  annotated bibliography and a presentation.

To get started, you will choose an artist or work of art that you  enjoy. It does not have to be in our textbook. Here are a few examples  of topics students have chosen in the past.

  1. Tattoos as art (focus on a particular tattoo style or tattoo artist)
  2. Comic books and graphic novels as art (focus on a particular artist or character)
  3. Something more traditional: Greek sculpture, the Egyptian Pyramids, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso
  4. Abstract or nonrepresentational art forms; for example, Jackson Pollock
  5. Jewelry, fashion design, everyday objects as art
  6. Automotive design (a certain car model such as a 1965 Mustang)
  7. An unjustly overlooked artist who should be in our textbook, but isn’t
  8. Outlaw artists (graffiti artists such as Banksy)
  9. Digital art
  10. Medieval armor and weaponry
  11. A work of art or artist who changed the world

Please ask your professor for guidance if you are unsure about your  topic choice. Your topic must be based on a tangible form of art that  can be seen. Please do not choose topics in literature, history, music,  or philosophy.

This week you will begin your research presentation project by creating an outline. Please follow this template.

  1. Title of your Presentation: An example is Body Art Really Is Art.
  2. Thesis: This is the main point you wish to make. An  example is the following: Although some may dismiss tattoos or even  condemn them, a closer look reveals that they are worthy of respect as  an art form.
  3. Subject: This is the artist or work(s) of art you  will focus on. An example is the following: This presentation will focus  on the style of tattoos practiced by the Maoris, the indigenous  inhabitants of New Zealand.
  4. Scope of Research: What do you already know? What  do you want to find out? An example is the following: I know that the  Maoris have practiced tattoo art for hundreds of years. I would like to  understand the meaning of the tattoo styles. I am interested in knowing  how the Maori tattoo style has influenced tattoos in other cultures. I  would also like to know how the Maori feel about the cultural  appropriation of their tattoo styles by people from outside the Maori  culture.
  5. Scholarly Source: Find one reputable source from  the DeVry University Library related to your topic and provide the  reference. Tell us in your own words briefly what it is about and how it  will be useful to you. For an example, see the Assignment Connection in  this week’s lesson.

Your grading rubric is below.

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