Ancient Egypt


Learning about ancient Egypt can be brought to life through 3D video tours and pictures. The website ( ) allows the teacher and/or students to virtually explore many areas of the pyramids that still exist today and tombs that have been preserved over the many years. On the website there is also an ariel map that shows a larger area where they can click over dots to find out more information about that area. Since it is not realistic for students to travel to Egypt to learn about the history, this allows students to virtually see and involve themselves in the images rather than reading about it and losing engagement.

Tubechop is a program that cuts down a YouTube video so that only the necessary portion of the video will be played rather than the whole video. It creates a new link for an easier transition during the lesson. This can be helpful to show students YouTube videos that depict life of an Pharaoh during a specific time.

For a lesson on Egypt learning about a more specific topic such as Queen Meresankh III, students can take a Google virtual tour ( ) that teaches about her tomb and artifacts within the area. This can be a good supportive tool for students to do on their own or at home to reinforce what they learned earlier in class and introduce new and interesting information. It also has an accompanying YouTube video ( ) that virtually shows how her tomb was reconstructed.

These can all be important and useful technology based tools because they allow the students to feel a part of the history through virtually visualizing what took place and how it looks like today.


For this question, I chose 4th Grade NYS Social Studies standards. 4.2 NATIVE AMERICAN1 GROUPS AND THE ENVIRONMENT: Native American groups, chiefly the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) and Algonquian-speaking groups, inhabited the region that became New York. Native Americans interacted with the environment and developed unique cultures. (Standards 1, 3, 5) First native inhabitants of New York State 4.2a, 4.2b, 4.2c ■ Algonquians, Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) ■ Geographic features influence location ■ Role of climate, environment, animals, and natural resources in the development of Native American cultures in New York State is the standard I am choosing.

The event in history is when the French came into NYS and found the Iroquois and Haudenosaunee Native Americans. I found an excellent PBS media presentation. The presentation can be found at

This media resource explains the history of these American Native individuals as well as gives activities students can participate in to enhance their learning. This media source will bring the history of the Iroquois people to life because it shows how their civilization survived and how they added to the beauty and culture of the state of New York as history was unfolding.


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Technology can be used as an assistive tool in the classroom to deepen the engagement of students into the lesson content and create a learning experience they will never forget. Lessons on historical events can tend to boresome and non-engaging for students if the instruction doesn’t promote student engagement and ways to make learning relevant to students’ interest. One historical topic to discuss on is the Chernobyl Disaster, Response and Fallout. Students could be shown videos over the historical event which can increase student engagement. Creating PowerPoints that focus on main points over the content so that students pay close attention to the main events and understand the historical events and the timeline in which the events occurred. The teacher could review with the students over the content that was taught by having students play a game of Kahoot on the Smart Board. Students could also be asked to work in groups to create their own PowerPoint over the topic and present to the class.


History can either be boring or it can be exciting.  I believe that it depends on how it is taught, or at least it is for me.  Teachers need to adjust their teaching skills to the audience that they are presenting it too.  I also believe that in order to get the most out of the time that you are allowed as well as the attention span of your students teachers should consider expanding a lesson material in multiple subjects.  For example: Apollo 11: Landing on the Moon this can be used in a history, science, ElA as well as a math lesson.  Students  could learn the history of landing on the moon, how science took part, they could write great reports, spelling vocabulary words, and mathematical calculations to determine distance of traveling to moon.  With creativity students could stay engaged while learning important historical facts and it could all begin with this You tube video: Apollo 11: Landing on the Moon – YouTube

Part 2

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Digital citizenship is a teaching concept that students and parents should be instructed over so that they understand how to use technology appropriately. This tool will help prepare students for a technology driven world. As a teacher establishing the rules and procedures about the appropriate use of devices is a must. It can also be helpful to display the rules and procedures around the classroom as a helpful reminder to students. Students should have clear understanding of teacher expectations when using devices and online sources. Teachers should discuss appropriate communication when on the internet and how to be safe when using internet-based learning. Promoting appropriate behavior when on devices and the internet can be a great way to ensure student safety and appropriate student use of technology in the classroom. Hold students accountable over the devices they use by assigning them certain devices to use the whole school year. This can also help you keep track of any misuse that may occur from a particular device. Place security locks on the devices students are using to block inappropriate internet sites. Make sure as the teacher you are walking around the classroom and observing students are using the devices and internet appropriately.

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Students are now part of an American generation where technology is used in many ways to support their learning. With this comes easy access to a digital world where students can endlessly explore. Establishing rules with using any technology is important from the first day of school and reiterated often so that students are familiar with how to be ethical digital citizens. Having the rules displayed can be an easy reminder for students on how to interact with the computer or tablet that provides a safe and effective learning environment. Promoting responsible technology use should also include modeling how the tech tools should be taken care and how the different practices/rules contribute to a safe learning environment. The teacher can also compare a student’s prized possession to a computer to demonstrate how to treat things that don’t belong to them in a respectful manner. When students use technology appropriately it means they will be more engaged with the material and can master skills in a way that fits the various learning needs of students.

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How can teachers guide engaging, critical thinking in the social studies classroomthrough the use of technology?

Missing one more response here when I have it I’ll send it to you ok.

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