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I need a 10 page paper with bibliography on birds eating seeds from a bird feeder with High protein and another feeder with 3% less protein. This paper has to make sense as if the birds were being observed for 1 month. Half way through,  the feeders needed to be swapped.

Experimental Set-Up


BIO 4060, Section 11 students will continue to study Optimal foraging Theory.  They will set up two birdfeeders, both will be about 4 or 5 feet from a wood line.  The feeders will be separated by at least 40 feet and, if possible, more than that.  Students will shop at Feed and Seed stores for sunflower seeds.  They need to buy two types of sunflower seeds one with the highest amount of Crude Protein and the other with the lowest amount of Crude Protein possible.  The Crude Protein difference must be at least 3% or more and if you cannot find this difference please contact Dr. Rauch before continuing.  Students will put the Higher Crude Protein seeds in one feeder (now called the High Protein Feeder) and the lower Crude Protein seeds in the other feeder (now called the Low Crude Protein Feeder).  Students will collect data on which species of birds visit each feeder and how long (in seconds) the visit lasts.  A template of the graph expected in the Final Report is posted on Canvas.



Biological Research – BIO 4060
Summer Term 2021
Selected Topics in Avian Ecology
1 to 4 semester hours
Desiderium Sciendi – “Longing to Know”
Professor: Dr. Thomas J. Rauch
Phone 318-6119
Nature of Course Content: This course will allow the student
conduct or continue a research project on the feeding ecology of
seed-eating birds here in Mississippi. Students will set up
bird feeders with different types of sunflower seeds and collect
data on the feeding preferences of birds. A research paper will
analyze data collected and compare results with other published
literature on the subject.
Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this course, the student
will be able to:
1. Identify seed-eating birds found in Mississippi;
2. Collect and analyze behavioral data;
3. Analyze the effect of predators and food quality
on bird feeding behavior.
4. Write a paper comparing their results to other
published results.
Course Requirements:
1. Field data collection (about 40 to 50 hours).
2. Research paper (8-20 pages) and bibliography.
3. Weekly conference with instructor: approximately
30 minutes a week.
4. You must email me at: stating
you have talked to me about the project before June
16, 2021 or you will be dropped from the course.
Evaluation: A grade will be assigned based on a subjective
evaluation of the quality of data collected and the academic
merit of the research paper. Grading criteria for the research
paper will include correct grammar and spelling, proper citation
of sources, data presentation, and extent of effort and original
thought. All reports are due by August 1, 20210. Reports turned
in after this date will not count towards your final grade. I
highly recommend that reports be turned in on or before July 26,
2021 so that they can be evaluated and revised before final
Disaster Plan Statement
In the event of closure or cancellations due to natural disaster
or other emergency causes, general information will be forwarded
to local media, posted on the WCU website,
and sent via automated process to your WCU student e-mail
address. Specific information regarding the continuation of
coursework will be posted on the university’s course management
system at For up-to-the-minute
alerts regarding emergency situations, sign up to receive
notifications through Sader Watch, the WCU emergency text
message service. Sign up instructions can be found under
current students on the WCU homepage.

Academic Integrity
William Carey College seeks to create an environment that
encourages continued growth of moral and ethical values, which
include personal honesty and mutual trust. The college places
the highest value on academic integrity and regards any act of
academic dishonesty as a serious offense. Academic dishonesty
is considered unethical and in violation of William Carey
College’s academic standards and Christian commitment. If such
an incident occurs, students, faculty, and/or staff are
obligated to initiate appropriate action. Depending on the
seriousness of the offense sanctions could include failure of
the assignment, failure of the course, and could lead to
suspension or dismissal from the college. A full explanation of
the procedures for responding to instances of academic
dishonesty are contained in the college’s Polices and Procedures
manual and in the student handbook, The Lance.
Students With Disabilities
Students with disabilities who are protected by the Americans
with Disabilities Act of 1990 and require special
accommodations, should contact Ms. Valerie Bridgeforth 601-318-
6188. Ms. Bridgeforth is located in the Student Services Office
in Lawrence Hall.

All of the following criteria must be met in order for a student
to receive an incomplete:
-class (and university) attendance requirements must have been
-80% of the required work for the class must have been done;
-the student must be passing the class at the time the
incomplete is granted;
-the student must request the incomplete on the WCU incomplete
request form prior to the time at which faculty must submit
-the student must have provided appropriate documentation
regarding the reason for requesting the incomplete (e. g.,
accident reports, medical records, etc.)
-the Dean of Natural and Behavioral Sciences must have
determined that unavoidable circumstances have prevented the
student from completing the course on schedule.
If any one of the above conditions is not met, a student cannot
receive an incomplete for the course.
Sexual Misconduct Statement
It is the policy of William Carey University to comply with all
federal and state laws governing sexual misconduct. Further, William
Carey University reaffirms its principle, as well as Title IX of the
Education Amendments Act of 1972, that all students have a right to be
free from sexual discrimination in the form of sexual harassment and
sexual violence. Students are referred to the Student Handbook, The
Translation (The Red Book), for policy statements regarding sexual
harassment and sexual assault and for procedures for reporting and
responding to sexual offenses. The policies and procedures may also be
found on the university’s website under Campus Life – Security.
Children Policy
Children are NOT PERMITTED to attend class with their parents.
Children are NOT PERMITTED to remain outside the classroom
either supervised or unsupervised while the parent attends
class. Parents are responsible for making child care
arrangements for their children. The Translation Student
Tobacco Policy
William Carey University is a tobacco-free campus. All WCU
students are asked to respect this policy by refraining from
smoking or other tobacco use while on campus.

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