evidence-based treatments for  the older adults population


Older Adults


  1. select a specific older adult’s disorder from the DSM-5 to use.
  1. research evidence-based treatments for your selected disorder in the older adults population
  2.  recommend one FDA-approved drug, one non-FDA-approved “off-label” drug, and one nonpharmacological intervention for treating the disorder  you selected in older adult population.
  3. Explain the risk assessment you would use to inform your treatment decision making.
  4.  What are the risks and benefits of the FDA-approved medicine?
  5. What are the risks and benefits of the off-label drug?
  6. Explain whether clinical practice guidelines exist for this disorder, and if so, use them to justify your recommendations. If not, explain what information you would need to take into consideration.
  7. Support your reasoning with at least three current, credible scholarly resources, one each on the FDA-approved drug, the off-label, and a nonpharmacological intervention for the disorder.




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