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  1. Imagine you are teaching science and have found a lesson plan that perfectly meets the standard and objectives you are working on with your students, but the lesson plan is written using the 5E model of instruction and a lesson plan associated with that model. You want to adopt the lesson, but you must adapt it to fit a more traditional lesson plan model in order to submit it to your principal as part of your weekly review.
  2. Discuss what factors you will need to consider when adapting a lesson from the 5E instructional model into a more traditional lesson plan format.
  1. Explain why asking students to explain, evaluate, and elaborateis a beneficial practice in content areas other than science and health. Discuss how these concepts can be applied to language arts and social studies.
  2. How can incorporating technology into a science lesson be used to address the various learning styles? (Visual, kinesthetic, auditory). Provide an example. What learning style do you consider to be the most difficult to address with technology?
  3. How can educators creatively help students retain academic vocabulary words? Provide three ideas and your rationale for why they would be effective.


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