Invitation Letter To Contractors

Write an invitation letter to contractors to construct a school with capacity of 1000 students. As more details you provide as more grades you get. ( 3 pages)

Regarding the invitation to tender for the construction of a dining hall at the John County School District.
On behalf of the School  and the county construction authority, you are invited to submit a bid for the construction of a dining hall for the John County School District. In terms of student population, the school has roughly one thousand students at this time. A total of about two thousand pupils will be accommodated in the proposed building, which will allow for future growth in the school’s enrollment. The Department of Education of the United States has provided the initiative with complete funding.
So the contractor must ensure that he or she is in compliance with all applicable rules, regulations, and standards established by the Department of Education. In order to assure the absolute safety of all major stakeholders in the school, including non-teaching staff members, teachers, students, and parents who visit their children on a regular basis, the construction is being funded by the government. Because there are no difficulties with the fund, and because the money required for the project is already in the school’s account, I invite you to submit a bid for the project, which I believe will be successful. The location of the school The John County School Center is located in the state of Florida, roughly ten kilometers north of the city of Florida City, which is about a fifteen-minute drive from the city’s core business district (CBD).

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