Health Record Data Management

Jane Doe is a 70-year old woman with chronic hypertension. She has been following up her condition with her primary physician. Despite compliance with the medication regimen, Jane suffers a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) and ends up hospitalized for 9 days. Consequences of the CVA are right side paralysis and slurred speech. Upon discharge, she is transferred to a long-term care rehabilitation facility.

In the scenario provided above, the physician practice, the hospital and the long-term care rehabilitation facility have reached semantic interoperability and have been exchanging Jane’s information electronically. In your discussion response, (1) explain in your own words semantic interoperability; (2) describe at least one of the standardized terminologies (nomenclature) that is most likely used; (3) assess the benefits of using the selected standardized terminology.

  • The initial response must be complete, relevant, detailed, specific, at least 250 words

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