Staphylococcus Aureus

  • Must be a minimum of 300      words but no more than 500 words
  • Must include two sources
    • One source is the link to       the current event article you researched
    • One source is a scientific       description of the pathogen presented in your current event article (you       can use your textbook as this source if you want)
    • You must refer to your       sources in your discussion posting in addition to citing them at the end       of your discussion posting.
  • The original should include
    • A short summary of the current       event article
    • A short description of why       this article is relevant. For example did you or someone you know have a       personal experience with the pathogen?
    • A short description of the       pathogen referred to in the article
    • A short description of the       signs and symptoms of the disease the pathogen causes
    • A short description of how       the pathogen is transmitted
    • A short description of any       treatments for the disease
    • Include some       pictures. You do need to cite the pictures and can place a caption       underneath locating the source.
    • Use proper grammar in your       responses, no text or casual speech.

APA format

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