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Use Microsoft Project.

The following are MAJOR tasks for a wedding .  Use TWO of the tasks to build a Work Breakdown Structure in Microsoft Project.

Each major task should have 2 sub-tasks.  Each sub-task should have 2 sub-sub tasks.  You may add more if you wish or have a need to add more to be sure the major task is complete.

(1)  You have been asked to help your best friend plan a wedding or a family reunion in another city; You have no concern for schedule or budget at the moment, only defining the work that needs to be done for the wedding or reunion to start on time and to be successful.  There will be about 100 guests.

The major tasks are these (in no particular order… you may order them in a way that is logical to you… AND you may ADD major tasks as you see the need).:

  • Sign a contract for a church and/or reception facility
  • Invite guests
  • Provide décor/decorations (this includes flowers)
  • Provide food and beverages
  • Provide lodging and transportation for guests

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