Social Conflict And Shortcomings In Society


A classical argument presents a well-reasoned, five-part argument.

Social conflict essay--consider a problem or issue in society that you have directly experienced and has adversely affected you or someone close to you. Consider and analyze how individuals act within society and the pressures society puts on individuals or groups.

Be sure to incorporate ethos, logos, and pathos, and keep a balance of these three rhetorical appeals. Remember, remain in the third person point of view unless you incorporate a personal anecdote to support your position and argument.

One interview or survey is needed, and observations are encouraged. You can interview someone for his or her perspectives or experience on the social conflict—you guide the interview to suit the needs of your paper and argument. Also, one outside source is necessary to support your position or offer necessary background information.

Must follow classical argument format:

1) Introduction—grab reader’s attention and thesis statement

2) Narration—necessary background information

3) Confirmation—your proof/explanations/analysis/assertions with support

4) Refutation and Concession (an attempt to understand why society acts this way or this conflict exists)—to build ethos and credibility

5) Conclusion—strong finish

Final draft—3 pages, MLA 8 format. Incorporate at least one interview or survey to support your argument and one outside source.

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