Interaction With A Changing Health System

Respond to at least one peer by supporting agreement or polite disagreement and adding additional information and ideas to further the discussion.( write me up a paragraph responding to this post below ).

The case study for Module 4 Discussion follows:

The Covid-19 outbreak continues to overwhelm our health care system.  Physicians, nurses, and other clinicians are experiencing fatigue, and some are walking away.  There is a need for increased population-level prevention efforts.  What can public health do?  What are they doing now and how can they build on this?  How can public health and health care partner to help combat this most recent surge in positive Covid-19 diagnoses?

Identify the role of the social determinants of health in the case study and explain the role of public health in addressing these

The social determinates of health (SDH) is defined as the factors that contribute to a persons current state of health. In this case study it is reported that physicians, nurses and other clinician are feeling burnt out from the surge of positive covid-19 diagnoses, and are no longer treating patients. If clinical medical staff were walking away from their professions due to the increase in covid-19 cases this would directly affect the population’s access to medical care services. Essentially, there are no medical professional to treat patients diagnosed with Covid-19 virus.

The media has gone above and beyond in their efforts to bring awareness to the population about the dangers related to Covid-19 virus. The media also educates people ways to combat the spread of the virus by suggesting things like social distancing, washing your hands frequently and wearing a mask in public. Public health sources like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are constantly keeping people updated on important information related to the Covid-19 virus, such as vaccines distribution in you area and how you should quarantine yourself from people. The most important thing that public health can do is to continue to advise people to take precautions until a vaccine can administered in your area.

Explain how the quality of the health service is an issue within this case study

A lack of health care providers now during a crisis would be detrimental to everyone including the doctors, nurses and other clinician treating patients with Covid-19; because this disease affects every one. The quality of health in this case study implies that the population of people with Covid-19 would no longer have access to health care because clinicians are too fatigued to treat them. The quality of health service in this case study is poor. The threat of a lack of healthcare providers during one history most lethal virus outbreaks in years would certainly be noted in history as being a time of great fatigue and sorrow.

Describe the quality improvement mechanisms that could be leveraged.

The quality improvement mechanism that could be leveraged in this case study is that we need to empower the population to take control of factors that influence their health and not rely solely on doctors to give them a quick fix, because as we have learned from the Covid-19 virus, there are no quick fixes. The year 2020 provided us with evidence that change does not happen overnight and will forever remind us that the struggle has been hard for everyone, not just the individual who got sick and recovered, nor for the people who lost loved ones to the virus, or for the people who had to self-quarantine him or herself.  Everyone has been affectedly either directly or indirectly by the Covid-10 virus.  Even though the influx of sick patient is fatiguing doctors and a lack of cooperation among the public to increased population-level prevention efforts, we hope that doctors will set a positive example, like their predecessor Dr. Barry J. Marshall.

Dr. Barry J. Marshall and Dr. J. Robin Warren won a Nobel Prize for their discovery of the Helicobacter pylori bacterium, which causes ulcers. For a long time it was believed that ulcers were caused by spicy foods or stress. His observational finding revealed that signs of inflammation were present in the gastric mucosa where he saw the bacteria. In 1985 Marshall purposely injected himself with the bacterium and established his own stomach illness and later treated and cured his illness. I like to believe that Dr. Marshall’s did not intentionally inject himself with harmful bacterial for the Nobel Prize, his research and sacrifice was done to cure a disease (GI Society Canadian Society of Intestional Research , 2005).  Dr. Marshall and Dr. Warren provide excellent examples for doctors to follow during hard times. They have shown me what can happen when you persevere and make sacrifices. They positively impacted their profession and changed the lives of millions of people who suffered from ulcers.

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