Generical traits

The time is coming when choosing the genetic traits of your child is going to be possible. What kinds of ethical and practical problems might arise from this development?

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This question seems to be directly related to the discussion surrounding the future of “designer babies.”

Practically it could make sense depnding on which side of the argument you’re on. For instance, you could narrow down the probability of your baby having genetic disorders or diseases. Problematically, while scientifically altering the genome you could produce an unintended result.
The chance of unintended consequences is the easiest ethical dilemma to point out. What if your procedure in fact creates a child that is on the autistic spectrum that otherwise wouldn’t have been? Furthermore, how many times in history have we seen science both in health and otherwise used nefariously due to individual or groups lack of ethics? On this last point, look into the ethics involved in the experiments of Josef Mengele.

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