Strategic planning and management in a company

For this Discussion Forum, you should consider any one company’s (or organization’s) website to show how their marketing reflects (or does not reflect) the company’s strategic planning.

I am NOT looking for a summary or re-hash the website’s content; I am looking for your analytical evaluation of the information presented.  Make sure that you concentrate on critically analyzing the positives and negatives of both the website’s design and content. It should be 2 pages and in Apa style.

Questions you might ask yourself in analyzing the website:

1. What does not work? … does not work right? … does not work the way I expected?
2. What doesn’t make sense? What is difficult to use? … to see? .. to understand?  Is it confusing? Is it hard to read?
3. Does the website accomplish its purpose? How well does it accomplish its purpose?
4. Is it credible? Is it trustworthy? Does it support its claims with facts? Is it competitive? Is it sales or PR hype? .. or is it the real deal?
5. How does it compare to other websites of competitors? How does it match up against “best practices” in design and content presentation?
6. What are its best, most positive features? … its worst, most negative features?
7. Does it take advantage of the “best practices” use of technology and methods; e.g., search, SEO, hyperlinks, social media, shopping cart, customer feedback, loyalty programs, blogs, displays on multiple devices (including mobile devices), etc.
8. No website is perfect. Each website could be improved. So how would I make it better?

Complete Answer:

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