Linguistic skills

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Hello, my name is Grace and I currently work at the Sandusky Yacht Club as a server/bartender. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. I hope to improve my basic English skills that are usually overlooked. I hope to learn better ways to communicate and use different learning tools to improve my knowledge in a number of different topics.

English skills are important in any field since basic English skills are the foundation of communication. Understanding the best way to communicate and identify different contacts can help someone become more successful.

In the restaurant business discourse is an important part of the day to day functions. Lack of discourse can create confusion, conflict, and misunderstanding. As a server, we are constantly communicating verbally, orally, and writing. Understanding someone’s tone and purpose is important when trying to get a point across or explain something. For example when my manager addresses in a meeting issues that are constantly occurring her tone might change from when she talks about the employee of the month or accomplishments we have achieved as a team. Tone can set the emotion the speaker wants the audience to have.

Discourse plays a big role in social media since it has become the most common way people get news, network, and interact with the family. This type of discourse usually involves secondary discourses along with intercommunication. I personally use social media almost every day to get my news, school and communicate with family.


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I am Karen and I live in Island Lake, IL. I am attending Herzing University to complete my Bachelor’s in Nursing. I completed my LPN in 2019 and have been working in a skilled nursing facility in Lincolnshire, IL. I see myself applying what I learn in this class in my everyday work. The picture attached is of me and my husband these past holidays, and soon we will be joined by our little girl. Writing is a form of communication and nurses are part of an interdisciplinary team that needs to communicate in order to create a care plan for the patients.

Discourse is described as an oral or written way of communication. With that being said, we use discourse in our day to day life to properly communicate with one another and share our emotions and feelings.

Discourse is spread through social media in the form of various online webinars, chats on various sites like Facebook and Twitter. These websites have options of the host posting things public expanding their audience, or they can also privately message another person keeping the conversation private.

The audience is an important part of discourse because if there is no discourse then there will be no one to listen and there will be no communication. The purpose in a discourse is also important there needs to be a reason or a point to get across during a conversation otherwise the conversation would not make sense. The tone affects the conversation because it affects how the host and audience interact.

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