Film And Digital Media Reading

Read through Darnell Hunt, Channeling Blackness, Chapter 1 “Making Sense of Blackness on Television”

then write a 3-5 pages reading abstract. (I have attached the reading material and an example of this assignment)

Please cover the following:

About the Article/Essay

  • Identify the author’s thesis/main argument (and, see if the thesis is reiterated/revisited throughout the piece which is a mark of clear writing).
  • Articulate the project or concern of an essay/chapter/article – are you able to get a sense of it on the first page or two?
  • Are there overarching questions that the essay proposes or raises?
  • Relay the key point(s); share key concepts, theoretical arguments and
  • Type up direct quotations, and include page numbers.
  • Provide the terms/terminology introduced or used in the piece (that you
    might also use).
  • Note figures/writers/theories/television, film, media text titles that are
    mentioned and which draw your attention.
  • Possibly note the article’s methodological approach and/or in tone.
    Your Assessment
  • What do you think is the goal of the essay, and does it succeed?
  • Name one specific element that you think is successful (or not) in the
  • Can you think of a connection to another of our readings?
    Please develop at least two discussion questions based upon the reading.
  • Questions to Raise
    You will be able to help facilitate discussion by employing this document.
    The page-range and format/style for the abstract are open, though emulating the narrative arc/organizational structure of the readings themselves can prove an effective way to present and go-through the reading. An abstract is usually 3-5 pages long, depending on the length of the original piece.

P.S. This assignment is very important. If you do well I can assign you all my other hw. The actual due date is 1/20 but I need to have it by the 19th so I can go through it.

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