Across 1. A word economist use to describe the conflict between people’s desires and limited resources 7. The percentage of people in a nation that can read and write 8. A limit on the amount of a produce that may be imported during a given period of time 10. The increase in value of all the goods and services a country makes from one year to another 13. This tells the total value of the goods and services that a country produces each year. It is a way to compare the economics of different countries 14. The use of income today in a way that allows growth in the future 16. The act of trading in one country’s money for an equivalent amount in another country’s money 17. A type of trade barrier in which a government places restrictions on the import or export of certain goods. They are often backed by military force. 18. A fee imposed by a government on imported or exported goods 19. The knowledge and skills that allow workers to produce goods and services and earn income 20. Resources such as factories, machinery, and tools that people use to make other goods 21. act of concentrating on a limited number of goods or activities.  Down 2. Any law or practice that a government uses to limit free trade between countries 3. An Economic system based on individual choices and voluntary trade. Also, called free enterprise system or capitalism 4. Person who brings natural resources, human capital, capital together to produce goods and services 5. An economic system that has features of traditional, command, and market systems 6. An economic system in which the government decides what goods will be produced, how they will be produced, and how they will be distributed 9. The way in which a nation uses its resources to satisfy people’s needs and wants. 11. An economic concept that states that the price of a good rises or falls depending on how many people want it and depending on how much of the good is available. 12. Raw materials that are used to support life and make goods 15. An Economic system in which social roles and culture determine how goods are made, sold, and bought

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