Homework fix

I attached 2 document that I need to fix the instructions of my professor feedback is bellow. Remember my National Problem chosen was Obesity in Children from 0-5 years. You only have to fix.


“Professor feedback”

I read it with great interest, but I see some issues as your discussion does not appear to reflect what is being asked for this week’s question.

1-First, it appears that you may have appraised 2-3 quantitative studies which is very commendable; however, per the assignment, please reduce this number and analyze only one original quantitative study about the same national topic that you chose last week.

2-Once you have done this, you will need to also revise your JH Evidence Summary Tool and resubmit your initial discussion and that tool.

3-Finally, please attach the Permalink in PDF file of the chosen article so that I can read it and then offer you the necessary feedback.

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